Graduation : 28.0%
Capacity : 700 ml

Disaronno Originale is an amaretto flavored liqueur with a characteristic almond flavor made in Italy. Its creator, Disaronno, maintains that its original "secret formula" has not changed since 1525.

It is produced in Saronno, in the Lombardy region, and is sold worldwide.

According to the company, the amber-colored drink is an infusion of apricot oil with "absolute alcohol, burnt sugar and the pure essence of seventeen selected herbs and fruits."The liquor is sold in an oblong glass pitcher designed by a Murano artisan and contains no almonds or other nuts.

Disaronno can be served directly as a cordial, on the rocks, or as part of a cocktail mixed with other alcoholic beverages, Coca-Cola, ginger ale or fruit juice. It can also be added to hot chocolate and is an ingredient in the Italian variant of an Irish coffee.

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